Plays for Children OLD

Since 2002 I have written plays for children and teenagers. These plays have now been performed by English-speaking and International schools in 42 countries. The plays are in downloadable format and can be viewed and purchased by schools or youth organisations on the following websites:

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For Younger Children

The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny
A charming reworking of two of Beatrix Potter’s stories which do, in fact, belong together. Mrs Rabbit sends her children off to play with the reminder that they must not go into Mr McGregor’s garden because their father was caught by Mr McGregor and made into a rabbit pie! But naughty Peter is bored and wants an adventure so he disobeys his mother. But he is chased by Mr McGregor, loses his coat and shoes and finally gets home feeling cold, wet and sick. The next day he asks his friend Benjamin to go back to the garden to help him retrieve his clothes. Buy Now

For Teenagers